Re: Percussion and electronics concerts

Subject: Re: Percussion and electronics concerts
From: Nicolas Gateff (
Date: Wed Aug 31 2005 - 19:43:07 EDT

thank you for not invading our email boxes with your stuff

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From: <i>Rick &lt;;</i><br>Reply-To:
<i></i><br>Subject: <i>Re: Percussion and
electronics concerts</i><br>Date: <i>Thu, 1 Sep 2005 00:23:16
a mess,<br><br>Rick<br><br>(Always crashing in the same car
(ProTools))<br><br>rn<br><br>On 8/31/05, Ned Bouhalassa
&lt;; wrote:<br> &gt; RE: Damine Harron's CV:<br> &gt;<br>
&gt; Do you really think that anyone is going to read such a long
paragraph<br> &gt; with looks like so much blah-blah due to the fact that
there are no<br> &gt; paragraph breaks to allow the reader to 'breathe' and
take in what<br> &gt; he/she has read before moving on to the next list of
achievements,<br> &gt; giving us, the readers, the impression that no one
actually cares about<br> &gt; us, especially the original poster, and that
there is no<br> &gt; quality-control whatsoever, no interest in the comfort
of the readers,<br> &gt; thereby increasing the odds that most of us will no
longer even bother<br> &gt; to read bio notices, and worse even, that we
will stop reading any<br> &gt; email that contains more than 100 words,
leading to the<br> &gt; CNN-ticker-tape-ism of announcements posted here and
on other composer<br> &gt; lists?<br> &gt;<br> &gt; Just a thought...<br>
&gt;<br> &gt; Ned<br> &gt;<br> &gt; On 31-Aug-05, at 7:22 AM, wrote:<br> &gt;<br> &gt; &gt; Ps. Below is Damien Harron' s
CV.<br> &gt; &gt;<br> &gt; &gt; ---<br> &gt; &gt;<br> &gt; &gt; Damien
Harron<br> &gt; &gt;<br> &gt; &gt; Percussionist, Composer and Educator
Damien Harron is a percussionist,<br> &gt; &gt; composer and educator from
Northern Ireland. As a member of the<br> &gt; &gt; prize-winning BackBeat
Percussion Quarte...<br> &gt;<br> &gt;<br> &gt; w w w . n e d f x . c o
m<br> &gt; 様様様様様様様様様<br> &gt; Ned Bouhalassa<br> &gt;
様様様様様様様様様<br> &gt; n e d @ n e d f x . c o m<br> &gt;<br> &gt;<br>
&gt;<br><br><br>--<br>======================<br>Rick Nance<br>De Montfort
University<br>Leicester, UK<br><br><br></font></BLOCKQUOTE>

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