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Date: Wed Aug 31 2005 - 08:55:07 EDT

RE: Damine Harron's CV:

Do you really think that anyone is going to read such a long paragraph
with looks like so much blah-blah due to the fact that there are no
paragraph breaks to allow the reader to 'breathe' and take in what
he/she has read before moving on to the next list of achievements,
giving us, the readers, the impression that no one actually cares about
us, especially the original poster, and that there is no
quality-control whatsoever, no interest in the comfort of the readers,
thereby increasing the odds that most of us will no longer even bother
to read bio notices, and worse even, that we will stop reading any
email that contains more than 100 words, leading to the
CNN-ticker-tape-ism of announcements posted here and on other composer

Just a thought...


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> Ps. Below is Damien Harron' s CV.
> ---
> Damien Harron
> Percussionist, Composer and Educator Damien Harron is a percussionist,
> composer and educator from Northern Ireland. As a member of the
> prize-winning BackBeat Percussion Quarte...

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