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Subject: Re: MP4
From: Rick (
Date: Mon Aug 29 2005 - 11:58:31 EDT

It's only an issue if you insist on real-time streaming. 2:1 is pretty
good when you're talking lossless. And the local broadband (NTL) is
changing their standard to 10MB/s this year and automatically
upgrading everyone with 3MB lines.

* 10Mb to become the standard cable broadband speed for ntl customers
* All ntl Broadband customers eligible for 10Mb upgrade at no extra monthly cost
* Current 3Mb customers will be the first to receive the new service

and really, that 10:1 isn't REALLY compression, it's decimation.

I'd be happier to wait and download.

On 8/29/05, Richard Wentk <> wrote:

> The issue with FLAC, SHN and the other lossless codecs is that compression
> ratios aren't usually better than 2:1, as opposed to the 10:1 or so of
> 128kbps MP3. There's a theoretical limit from information theory, and it's
> not something that's ever going to be improved on - at least not without a
> very different approach to music creation and distribution.
> In any case compression ratios will mean that lossless encoding won't be
> practical for many people until 10mbps broadband becomes standard. For
> lossless 24/96 multichannel distribution 100MB/s would be more plausible.
> DRM is a separate issue. Not many people realise that DRM is more about
> selling DRM systems than in locking down audio. I'd guess that one way or
> another, anyone on this list should be able to bypass just about any
> existing DRM system without any trouble at all.
> Richard

Rick Nance
De Montfort University
Leicester, UK

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