Re: MP4

Subject: Re: MP4
From: Ian Stewart (
Date: Mon Aug 29 2005 - 11:01:05 EDT

Eliot Handelman writes:
> I don't know what the encoding standard of mp4 is -- I thought it was
> about getting reams of metadata in, eg data that says where the 2nd theme is, etc. Am I
> wrong about this?

You are probably thinking of mpeg-7, which is all about metadata. Quick
description of various mpeg standards on wikipedia:

Miriam Clinton wrote:
> FLAC, as Richard mentioned, is one of these. As it has been more widely adopted I would be inclined to suggest it as a standard - but i believe some listening is in order - the complaints about mp3 and even mp4 quality extend even to non-musicians, <

If FLAC is lossless, shouldn't it decode as CD audio, or at the standard of
the original file?

> Phil mentioned multi-channel, which is certainly impossible in AAC format. <

There is 48-channel support in AAC.

all the best,

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