unusual public/sound art project: Live in NY at the RNC Protest...

Subject: unusual public/sound art project: Live in NY at the RNC Protest...
From: Chris DeLaurenti (chris@delaurenti.net)
Date: Fri Aug 26 2005 - 13:09:53 EDT

Fellow cec-ers,
Here's news about my latest endeavor, an unusual public art project.

"Live in New York at the Republican National Convention Protest September 2 - August 28, 2004" welds combative field recordings of the various protests and art actions with police transmissions, NOAA weather alerts, radio broadcast anomalies (splashes and sprays of tape hiss, enigmatic numbers glossolalia, crude phase encoding), and wild card audio snatched from the airwaves into a vivid soundscape of dissent. And yes, the piece does indeed run in reverse starting on September 2.

If you live in Seattle:
"Live in New York..." is the fourth in my series of Ulterior Audio Discs: CDs that bypass the usual distributor-reviewer-store route and appear unexpectedly to an unsuspecting audience at a limited, site-specific time.

From August 25 to 31, 2005, the CD lurks as a free bonus in all 11,000 issues of Real Change, a Seattle newspaper that not only advocates for the poor and homeless but addresses issues along the entire continuum of social justice including the war, economic policy, fair housing, and so forth.

Many of those who marched and protested at the RNC were advocating for social and economic justice, which makes Real Change a good "home" for the disc - as well as benefitting the vendors who sell Real Change.

To find out more about Real Change: http://www.realchangenews.org
Real Change costs one dollar.

Outside Seattle, you can also hear Live in New York... on the radio.

Sunday, August 28
New York: Giant Ear)). Listen at http://www.free103point9.org/ 7 pm EST
Sydney: Fieldwork 2SER 107.3 FM. Listen at http://www.2ser.com/ 10:30 pm Sydney time (GMT +10)

Thursday, September 1
London: Resonance 104.4 FM. Listen at http://www.resonancefm.com/ 6:30 pm BST (GMT +0)

Several other stations plan to air it as well - more details as they are confirmed at http://www.delaurenti.net/music.htm


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