"enhanced" phonography

Subject: "enhanced" phonography
From: bremsstrahlung recordings (blungrec@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Aug 24 2005 - 22:29:31 EDT

hi list,

One way to transmit beauty of nature is through conveying absolute fidelity in hi-fi field-recordings. But lately I have been interested in "enhanced" field-recordings. Field recordings which have been not been edited in a linear-time fashion but have been treated to eliminate certain aspects and enhance certain aspects, pulling the meaning of the piece out from this. A good example of this is the audio which Bill Thompson shared an excerpt of on this list in July. I was so floored by the beauty of what he shared then I asked him if my net-label TRANS>PARENT RADIATION could put out a longer excerpt of the work. If you are interested in hearing a remarkable "enhanced" field recording you can visit here


Does anybody know of some other recordings with similar processes to Bill's where they are presenting essentially straight field recordings which actually were never heard in nature?



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