Bob Moog -- Passing, August 21, 2005

Subject: Bob Moog -- Passing, August 21, 2005
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Sun Aug 21 2005 - 23:19:58 EDT

Bob's Body Leaves Us

ASHEVILLE, N.C. August 21, 2005 Bob died this afternoon at his
home in Asheville, N.C. He was 71. Bob was diagnosed with brain
cancer (glioblastoma multiforme or GBM) in late April 2005. He had
received both radiation treatment and chemotherapy to help combat the
disease. He is survived by his wife, Ileana, his five children,
Laura Moog Lanier, Matthew Moog, Michelle Moog-Koussa, Renee Moog,
and Miranda Richmond; and the mother of his children, Shirleigh Moog.

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