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Subject: Re: Aural Training
From: jef chippewa (
Date: Sun Aug 21 2005 - 00:30:46 EDT

At 08:25 +0100 8/20/05, huwmcgregor wrote:
>I am also trying to think of intuitive ways of introducing aural and
>listening skills to my students at further education level. One possibility
>of development I thought possible was by free Improvisation, thus developing
>their ears within a real situation.

could you please explain how free improv is inherently a "real"
situation, and how its "reality" differs from electroacoustics?
going to the opera? going to a stockhausen opera? playing ketchuk
(sp?) in a kebyar band? playing drums in a thrash/death metal band?

free improv is a worse catch-all term than even the ubiquitous classical music.

to be free (sic) one must be aware of that from which freedom is
sought... thus binding oneself even tighter to it, since without it,
the very concept of freedom in question would not exist... and is,
therefore, a:


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