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Date: Sat Aug 20 2005 - 16:29:15 EDT

On 20 Aug, 2005, at 20:17, Kevin Austin wrote:

> Jazz Improv classes that I have observed are about the development of
> skills that will later be employed. "Improvisation" is not a large
> part of the early class work. Students require a solid technical basis
> with their instruments so that they can develop the higher level
> skills of real-time composition / variation / manipulation.
One of the techniques I used to deal with this while teaching at the
Royal College of Music, London, UK, was to take away the students'
instruments, ask them to use voice and/or simple percussion instruments
and objects, and combine this with simple elctroacoustic processing.
This removed the frequently inhibiting factor of what they knew how to
play on their instruments, introduced them to an exploratory situation
and pushed them to develop different listening skills. Frequently I
found students were embarassed and awkward when trying to improvise
with their familiar instruments, but opened up and developed new ways
of listening when confronted with these new tools. Much quicker
progress was made, and when later they returned to their own
instruments they could bring this experience into play.


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