billthompson performance on 26th, bradford and other events/releases

Subject: billthompson performance on 26th, bradford and other events/releases
From: bill thompson (
Date: Fri Aug 19 2005 - 21:20:11 EDT

hi everyone,

[apologies for x-posting]

i wanted to let you know about a few events and
releases that are coming up. it would be great to see
you if you're in the area for any of these shows. as
always, these events are listed in more detail at my

hope to see you there,


**** ***


*august 26th: performing a live version of recent
work 'untitled #2' (derived from the mcalpine
construction site recordings) at phill harding's
ubiquitous exhibition in bradford. also performing
are phill harding and patrick mcginley (murmer),
followed by an artist panel discussion. details:

**september 17th: performing a new live electronics
set as part of the avp festival in melbourne,
derbyshire (curated by misha david). also performing
are rhodri davies and mark wastell. details:

***oct 21st-nov 6tht: installing a new audio/visual
installation at the maritime museum in aberdeen as
part of urbannovember's oil and the city project .
'toward sublimity' is based on recordings from oil
rigs on the north sea of scotland. details:

****nov 1st-31st: new installation as part of aberdeen
sound festival, 'in/transience', being installed in
the aberdeen train station. details:

releases (3):

*'hogmanay on the north sea' included in the final
phonography compilation. this was a recording of
ships on the north sea, blowing their horns to each
other at midnight, new year's eve 2005. lots of other
great tracks by other phonographers on this release.
more info available at:
mp3 of the hogmanay track:

**'mcalpine construction site, footdee' scheduled for
release august 23rd on greg davis's label 'leaves'
is an edited yet untreated version of the mcalpine
field recording (sample:

***'untitled #2' scheduled for release august 26th, on
josh russell's net-label TRANS>PARENT RADIATION
 followed by a cdr release in 2006. the work is based
on filtered sounds from the field recording of the
mcalpine construction site (sample:

thanx again. please let me know if you have any
questions about the above events or releases.


ps. if you're in aberdeen on the sept 17th and can't
make my show in melbourne, why not see 'found' at the
lemon tree? for details email:

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