Re: what was that?

Subject: Re: what was that?
From: Linda Seltzer (
Date: Fri Aug 19 2005 - 10:36:37 EDT

>I could launder 10,000 of your petrobucks for this consultation, but its
a free service.

All of this "advice" coming from some readers is just a lot of one-upping,
condescending, demeaning platitudes showing a complete lack of
understanding and in insult to my intelligence.

What I need is an environment where I am given a *true* opportunity,
without harassment, without abuse, without undermining and tricks
and schemes, without reward and punishment mind games, without
favoritism and without the "fair-haired boy syndrome," without
attacks on a phsycological or spiritual level, with
genuine support and a genuine intention to open the door rather
than shut it in my face.

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