Open call on behalf of SR c ( [Swedish Public Radio] Fwd:

Subject: Open call on behalf of SR c ( [Swedish Public Radio] Fwd:
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Fri Aug 19 2005 - 09:45:59 EDT

We at  warmly invite you
to participate in our autumn issue: "Limbo".

*Some definitions:

lim*bo 1 (lmb)
n. pl. lim*bos

1. often Limbo Roman Catholic Church The abode of
unbaptized but innocent or righteous souls, as those
of infants or virtuous individuals who lived before the
coming of Christ.
2. A region or condition of oblivion or neglect:
Management kept her promotion in limbo for months.
3. A state or place of confinement.
4. An intermediate place or state.

Through this invitation we hope to find ourselves in both
contradictive and absorbing layers between art, fiction and fact. We
will dig our way through the theme this autumn to present what we've
Which means that we dont have a preset definition of what Limbo
really means. Your hereby welcome to join the process.

Invitation is open til September the 1st. We are looking
for linear or non-linear pieces, either interactive or self-active.
Duration should not exceed 20 minutes. Interactive pieces must be
formatted for web publishing. Works are preferably received in CD-ROM
format and should not have been previously published. Originator is
responsible for upholding copyright laws of used material. Published
material is reimbursed to the originator with 500 euro.

A Swedish public radio channel and website for sound art and
experimental narratives. Since 2002 SR c has broadcasted and
published internationally award winning pieces contributed by
artists, reporters, writers, theorists, musicians and interactive
designers. SR c is dedicated to works that investigate new content by
using new media - pieces that convey new thoughts and experiences
somewhere between
storytelling, digital media, sound art and theory.

Best regards,
SR c editorial board

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