Re: what was that? - Japan job offer experience

Subject: Re: what was that? - Japan job offer experience
From: Linda Seltzer (
Date: Thu Aug 18 2005 - 21:43:02 EDT

Re: The SDF grant in 1982
I should add that I had been told that I was going to be a co-investigator
on that grant and I was asked to provide my resume, which would be included
as an example of the kind of graduate students they had. When the grant
was awarded, I read the proposal and found that my resume and my name had
not been included. Also, in a social situation a Stanford professor asked
why I hadn't been present at the project's organizational meeting, to which
I had to make the embarrassed reply that I had not been told about the
meeting and did not even know there had been a meeting. Also, one person
very prominent in computer music said I should be hired to work for Joji
Yuasa on that grant. None of it ever happened.

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