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Date: Thu Aug 18 2005 - 08:39:25 EDT

from th far north, hello

see attached - is this a lap top mother board or a cradle board that
Sainte_Marie is holding with Grover looking on ?

there was a great composer & prof named, Martin Bartlett who i studied with in
86. i wrote an ode to him, called "Facing Lion, Embracing Dragon'. He was
instrumental in bringing th Javanese Gamelan, 'Kaya Madu Sari (Venerable Essence
of Honey)', to SFU. He was like a Lion with a big booming voice and asked th
best of his ztudents. He was tough, i was 25. So i quit. He liked th Gamelan
with Shadow Puppets and Computer Music, which i have grown to love. i saw him in
th later statages of Aids in a coffee shop. He was very nice and remembered me
and asked me about doing Music.

i've known one prof practising divide & conquer tactics with emotionals up and
downs, and lying to may face. Another prof had to rescue me from his class so i
could concentrate on studies. But that's another story. i was a lacky in his
classes, but then most of us were for his Ego. i've found other situations in th
Art world of music and dance that is shameful and dispic-able. it gives Schools
of Learning, Academies, Corporations and th U.N. a bad name. btw, Why does
Corporation kind of sound like Corruption ? Do we mention Politics of Vancouver
or Nigeria ? Why are ministries of Children, Families, Disabled ripped off by
Ministers in business suits.

i've found women to be equally or more abusive. Ever been thrown into a mixing
board from behind at top speed and down 22 stairs ? Notice th word 'stairs'. O
shite, it was only Vaudeville / Nashville ;-) Do we have to be polite ? can we
speak out of line ? of course we can. Are we not having a conversation. Just
don't call me an ijjit and tell me to sit down and shut up. Will we solve th
World's Problems ?. We could / should write a book about th powers of abuse in
music and make note, Women & Men can be equally abusive. In situationns of power
they weild it whether in Music or around th kitichen table. Look Hear at Leonard
Cohen's manager who stole his money while LC lived in Buddhist Monesteries, and
she 'cooked th books'

MS (multiple sclerosis) was first diagnosed as Hysteria. Neurological Impairment
looks kinda Funny, especially if it is fluctuating. Have i had an advatage cause
i'm Celtic born on Salish Land in Squamish Territory in Vancouver Canada ? i
didn't alway have people tripping over each other and 'try' to help me open th
doors ;-) i only imagine running people over in theory ... and avoid Tree Roots
... :-) .. However i like th steep inclines ;-)

now to Formants and Frequencies ... heard any good (aka cool or hot) sounds from
Outer Space lately ? do you know their timbres are painted on ?

best regards, sylvi macCormac
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ / na / da / bc
siwash rock & soundscape composition
i Owe - Buffy Sainte-Marie $1,000,000,000,000,000,000 ...
for looping an analog tape bkwrds (i asked permission) in 2002
'Changing Times: Co-op Radio -

"miriam clinton (iriXx)" wrote:

> Rob Stone wrote:
> >>I understand that Linda does not believe the naivite going on, for
> >>this is an emotional issue for her, and emotional concerns do not have
> >>access to processes of rational thought, or so Proust writes.
> >>
> >>
> >
> >
> >Recourse to the poetics of feminine hysteria has been one of the most
> >celebrated historical means of keeping things just so. Besides, Proust was
> >in bed when he wrote this. His activites (delightful and insightful as they
> >were) were institutionally sustained by personal wealth.
> >
> >A little time ago, when teaching as a casual in a fine art department, a
> >colleague mentioned an occurrence in a tutorial session she had just come
> >out from. The studio spaces in the college in question were tiny, and
> >separated only by partitions. She overheard a male member of staff ask a
> >young student whether she really had to wear a bra when she attended these
> >tutorials. My collague spoke to the student afterwards, who said that she
> >was fine with such a request. Stumped, then.
> >
> >The character who made the request of the student, was by every measurable
> >standard a lazy, appalling and unsuccessful artist, who was very senior in
> >the department, and who had moreover managed to exercise the craven
> >inadequacies of upper management and was in a proven position to lay off any
> >member of casual staff who had in the past questioned his right to make such
> >a request of a student, or indulge in any other kinds of relatedly loutish
> >behaviour.
> >
> >Despite the student's acquiescence, this is not OK, we know this. In the end
> >our predator took an early retirement.
> >
> >My point is that this institution like any other had regulations regarding
> >appropriate behaviour, but also would not be arsed to take on a violent and
> >powerful bully like this one. Certainly it would not follow through a
> >complaint made by any casual member of staff.
> >
> >We all know of examples of such behaviour, too many of them, and I don't get
> >why there is a pretense in this discussion that for those of us attached to
> >and sustained by art institutions, that there is no gender, race or other
> >chauvanisms at work in them. Neither do I understand why we should not be
> >rightly outraged by them, or why that anger should find us undone by being
> >branded overemotional.
> >
> >
> >Rob
> >
> >
> Rob - I am a woman writing this - just to clarify.
> Yes, of course I do not approve - to put it mildly - of anyone being put
> in such a position. I have also been witness to men who have had to
> endure abuse like this from both women and men in the workplace.
> The discourse was not about sexual harassment but about rational
> discussion versus emotive thinking. Emotive thinking is when one uses
> emotionally loaded buzzwords in order to deliberately sway a discussion
> so that anyone who thinks otherwise is immediately seen as 'wrong' under
> Politically Correct eyes. It is a form of propoganda.
> Rational discussion, however, takes in situations like this as being
> quite rationally, abhorrent.
> Sexual harassment should never occur, in the workplace or outside - but
> sexual harassment is irrelevant to the discussion at hand.
> mC~
> >
> >
> >>I understand that Linda does not believe the naivite going on, for
> >>this is an emotional issue for her, and emotional concerns do not have
> >>access to processes of rational thought, or so Proust writes. It
> >>follows that the issues framed in these contexts cannot be
> >>'discussed', as belief systems (articles of faith) cannot be
> >>'discussed', as they are (by definition), not open to change and
> >>modification.
> >>
> >>
> >
> >
> >Kevin, you put my thoughts, as always, in a much more articulate manner.
> >
> >/applaud.
> >
> >Now, if we could get on with rational discussion instead of emotive
> >reasoning, perhaps we could get something interesting out of CECdiscuss
> >(including the guidelines which you are using at Concordia - perhaps a
> >good point for rebuilding this discussion) instead of incessant
> >emotionally derived and intentionally persuasive buzzwords - which tire
> >me, as a woman!
> >
> >
> >
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >
> >
> >
> >
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