Old kit - advice sought on Ferrographs (was: Feelin' old ... (dog days))

Subject: Old kit - advice sought on Ferrographs (was: Feelin' old ... (dog days))
From: Lisa Whistlecroft (Lisa@stonegnome.net)
Date: Thu Aug 18 2005 - 05:20:28 EDT

>and if you're feeling old ...
>How many do you remember?
>How many have you seen?
>How many have you used?
>How many do you remember being announced??

I never saw a Lisa but I had copies of most of the advertisements
stuck to the window of the machine room I tended. The logo was not
unlike my signature and I loved the one that said "Don't start the
revolution without me". As I remember it, it was the concept of the
mouse that was the biggest innovation - to the extent that it needed

More seriously, I am now the proud owner of two Ferrograph
reel-to-reel tape recorders (one 2-track, one 4-track) which were
already pensioned off (one was ex-BBC) when the owner-before-me
acquired them in the early 1970's.

Anyone got any ideas where (in the UK) I would go to find out how
much work they'd need to make them usable? They're not 'broken' but
heads may be out of alignment and rubbery drive wheels will certainly
have perished etc etc etc. The only time I tried to play a tape back
there was more rumble than recording.


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