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Subject: Re: A Little Monday Humour
From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Thu Aug 18 2005 - 03:48:00 EDT

sylvi macCormac wrote:

>dear iriXx et al
>iriXx, good to 'see' you. i thought i heard you out there g-listening ;-)
>thanks i think for th call to action and confidence :-)

im here... quietly :)

silently e-listening to th silence hehe...

>ditto for th most part ...and then add in Soundscape & Acoustic Ecology.
>Water&Electricity = ? and Theori / Literature ...
yes... this needs expanding to e/a as well as synths hehe...

>35. Hildegard Westerkamp has a Cat 'ProTools'
(see below)

>29. i like th blast of Organ Music ... does it include Silence before &
>after ?
>uh oh, thoughts of a web site of compositions for telephone machines ...
>sounds like ... ;-)

tis more like a soft murmur of 16' flute than a blast of organ music...
quiet, low and wonderful :)

as for telephone machines.... hmm, didnt someone do a orchestra of

>6. Furbies - what formants & frequencie do they xhibit ? plz send graph ;-)
damn, i didnt graph them.... high and squeaky, added to a bang against
the wall. the best part was the 'wahhh' noise when the inside mechanism

>1. OK to xpand my EA knowledge ... what is what is ROFLAMFATO ?
>sounds like LOL but mixed up with all these other tracks / sounds ...
>does it have to do TOMATOES ? i should know this. have i had th pleasure of
>working with it ?

it may do, in the sense that it is similiar to OMGWTFBBQ!

internet acronyms FTW! (most of these come from roleplaying games by the
way... ack.... maybe thats another sign you've spent too long at a
computer, if you cant write a sentence without an acronym... i've even
started telling people i'm going AFK for a while when i go for a

(btw all these can be found in wikipedia! - - so I
discovered as the Trillian chat system is linked to Wikipedia and has a
built in dictionary!)




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