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Subject: Re: what was that?
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Date: Wed Aug 17 2005 - 18:42:15 EDT

('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) "This affected the profession of computer music. In 1982 the System Development Foundation (also known as the Rand Corporation) awarded $10 million in grants to four universities."

 Linda, I can understand your disappointment, but from another perspective the real history of computer music is linked to poverty and unemployment regardless of gender.
 Trevor Pearcey was born in rundown Woolwich SE London at a time when there was no national health service. He went on to design and create the 1st computer to make music on the grounds of USydney in 1951. He was unemployed for most of the 1970s and during that time he suffered what he called computer psychosis whereby he became obsessed with computing. He did go on to establish Australia's 1st computing department which would become part of Monash University (have you tried them for a job? They are pro fem, Israel, choice and somewhat more secure than New Jersey in terms of dirty nukes etc).
 Most people on this list probably have some tale or another relating to employment, universities and discrimination, which would either endorse your perspective or not. Why not take this anguish you feel as an opportunity to make some great music Linda? Do you like Wesley Willis? He turned his pain into 50 albums in 10 years without health insurance or a university and his concerts were never Vanilli.

 I could launder 10,000 of your petrobucks for this consultation, but its a free service.


What is 37 miles wide, 2600 feet deep and in places travels more than 60 miles in a day?

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