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Date: Wed Aug 17 2005 - 15:47:29 EDT


I cited my context and my experience. I would invite others who have
sat on personnel committees for a decade or two (or three) to offer
their experience. The situation I described is in a country that
fostered a social welfare system in response to 'concern', not in
response to charity.

When Canada entered the Second World War in 1939, the government made
a commitment to the generations that the sacrifices to be made would
not be 'lost', and that the children, wives, husbands and parents
left to mourn the losses would be assisted by the government, that
is, the population at large.

After two years of trans-shipment of American scrap iron to East
London, via the Luftwaffe via Argentina, the United States of America joined
the european and pacific wars. The American forces segregated 'white'
and 'non-white' blood supplies. They were not segregated on the basis
of gender or religion.

I understand that Linda does not believe the naivite going on, for
this is an emotional issue for her, and emotional concerns do not
have access to processes of rational thought, or so Proust writes. It
follows that the issues framed in these contexts cannot be
'discussed', as belief systems (articles of faith) cannot be
'discussed', as they are (by definition), not open to change and

My reading is that Linda speaks from a position of being hurt,
deeply; the statements are about pain. Countries have gone through
terrible traumas and put things aside in 'truth and reconciliation'
processes. They are not easy. They do not produce answers or
solutions, but

"... a commission is a necessary exercise to enable South Africans to
come to terms with their past on a morally accepted basis and to
advance the cause of reconciliation." Mr Dullah Omar, former
Minister of Justice

Care and peace


At 12:30 PM -0400 8/17/05, Linda Seltzer wrote:
>I cannot believe the naivete going on in in this discussion.

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