Re: what was that?

Subject: Re: what was that?
From: Linda Seltzer (
Date: Wed Aug 17 2005 - 13:12:53 EDT

>Opportunity exists for anyone who visualizes it. What
>matters is what we have to say with our music, and how we
>interact with people. A career in music is made up of talent
>and also of social skills. Some women with a gender-chip on
>their shoulder can be so offensive to others in their muted
>anger that their negative perceptions become a self-fulfilling
>prophesy. But if we walk through the world viewing ourselves
>as equals, we are more likely to be treated as such.

I used to believe things like this when I was young. I thought
that all of the older women who didn't achieve high positions
were just not polite enough or gracious or charming enough, so
I became the model of politeness and personality and graciousness.
When you reach the age of 40 you know better.

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