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Subject: Re: Feelin' old ... (dog days)
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Date: Wed Aug 17 2005 - 13:11:47 EDT

On 17 Aug, 2005, at 16:33, Adrian Moore wrote:

> I can now imagine the nostalgia intimated by some of 'pioneers' that
> used
> punched cards, pieces of strings, selotape etc...
Oh well, if we're really going back........

My first experience of computers was in 1966 in Chicago, on a course on
computer analysis of music, where the teacher was learning along with
us - punched cards and Fortran on a mainframe.

In 1968 I did some work at Peter Zinoviev's studio in London - advanced
to punched tape! Actually made some sounds that I used in one of my
early pieces. Alongside working with tape (only mono and stereo then)
and test oscillators in the RCM studio.

We were still using punched tape to program the microprocessor (a
Motorola 6800) in our polyphonic synthesiser in 1976.

The first computer of my own was British company Research Machines's
Z80-based 380Z in 1977 - cassette tape storage and writing programs in
machine code by entering hex by hand on their "Software Front Panel",
and debugging by stepping through the program one instruction at a time
and watching the registers - later upgraded to 5inch floppies and CP/M
- later I also had an assembler and then, (oh the wonder of it!) a BCPL
compiler - still my favourite language (I never could get the hang of

Then came the Atari ST in the early 80s - in parallel with more
low-level work making DSP engines using the Texas 320 series chips.

But finally came the NeXT and the IRCAM Workstation - the rest is

These young people just don't know what they missed!! ;-)>



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