Re: Feelin' old ... (dog days)

Subject: Re: Feelin' old ... (dog days)
From: Adrian Moore (
Date: Wed Aug 17 2005 - 11:33:46 EDT least there's no age limit on this 'call for experiences' !! :>

My first computer was a BBC - with cassette player input.

I can now imagine the nostalgia intimated by some of 'pioneers' that used
punched cards, pieces of strings, selotape etc...

And it clashes painfully with:

The sheer amount of time spent using IT - even when using it to save
time (on-line this, on-line that);
The way I take take computers for granted, sacrificing privacy for
all sorts supposed on-line freedom;
The software/hardware upgrade spiral;

Moore's law (no relation) harps on about revolutions in technology.
Adrian Moore's law states
- The difference between revolution and 'what goes around comes
around' = $$ saved.

>and if you're feeling old ...
>How many do you remember?
>How many have you seen?
>How many have you used?
>How many do you remember being announced??

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