Re: Feelin' old ... (dog days)

Subject: Re: Feelin' old ... (dog days)
From: Dennis Bathory-Kitsz (
Date: Wed Aug 17 2005 - 10:22:35 EDT

At 10:03 AM 8/17/05 -0400, Kevin Austin wrote:
>and if you're feeling old ...
>How many do you remember?
>How many have you seen?

Most of them to both!

>How many have you used?

Some that aren't there. TRS-80 Model I (even wrote a book about that one!)
with a homebrow hi-res video board, Tandy Model 100 (one of the first
portables, and still in use by a friend, with my hard-wired RAM upgrade to
64K), Tandy Color Computers 1 & 2 (with five of them running a sound
installation in 1986, and one briefly running my bubble memory upgrade to
128K). I had numerous short-lived machines from other manufacturers
(Timix-Sinclair, Sinclair ZX81, SpectraVideo, PC Junior, PC Convertible...
on and on). Most are in storage, but some are in an Amsterdam computer museum.

My TI Programmer 4780 (complete with leather case) still sits next to my
computer monitor. Nothing like it for dividing hex numbers.

I still have one plastic and two metal slide rules, two sorobans, two
printing calculators (those circular slide rules).

Plus a manual typewriter for the apocalypse. :)

And that doesn't even start on the audio stuff, like those Dolby-B add-on
boxes from ca. 1970...


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