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Subject: Re: what was that?
From: sylvi macCormac (
Date: Tue Aug 16 2005 - 17:54:58 EDT

thank for Xtrapolating :-) please continue to write th book ...
is it like Rationalizing Culture : IRCAM ...(giving us th dirt) ?

btw, what was that aboot Lotus Land and getting an 'easy ride' ?

more ramps NOW !!! sylvi macCormac
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Linda Seltzer wrote:

> >Perhaps there are some things in life which are not gender-related. ?
> But some of the things that *are* gender-related include:
> hiring, promotions, salary (little things like survival),
> inclusion in scholarly articles, books, concerts, etc.,
> inclusion of women's work in music history classes and
> musical analysis classes...
> First let's talk about the retirement benefits of my generation
> of women composers as compared to all of those men who had their
> academic careers made by the funding on the System Development
> Foundation (Rand Corporation) in the early 1980's. Then I'll
> worry about all of those fun non-gender-related things. Of course,
> people from Canada live in Lotus Land where there is government-
> sponsored health plans, so discrimination does affect survival here.
> In NJ there are 800,000 people between the ages of 45-64 who don't
> have health insurance and who are waiting for Medicare to start.
> Next year my health insurance expires and I could become one of those
> people. So I do take seriously the matter of white males with
> less talent, ability and education getting all of those plum
> academic jobs with full benefits while women are "free-lancers."
> If I had to rely on the egalitarian sentiment of the computer music
> community I would be in a homeless shelter.
> The comment about thinking about non-gender-related things is
> another example of not listening when women are saying something
> serious.
> Thank heaven for real estate investing.

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