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Date: Mon Aug 15 2005 - 08:54:38 EDT

Ned Bouhalassa wrote:

> The Top 40 Signs That You've Been Hanging Around Synths and Samplers
> Too Long:


er... must confess i have done a few of these, although more of the
'you've been playing too much MMORPGs'...

> 35. Your cat's name is Octave.

i know a couple who have a cat called DeBussy....

> 29. Your telephone answering machine message took 2 days to write and
> produce.
confessed... it was a 10 take masterpiece featuring Gillian Weir on
organ... although the best take was the one where i hit play at the
wrong moment on the CD and went *blast of organ music* OH F.....!

i wish i'd left it like that...

> 28. There is no couch, coffee table, dinner table or chairs in your
> apartment; only racks, mixers, keyboards, cables and power cords.

confessed... almost...

also add boxes of opened gear that has recently been installed but was
too exciting to play with so you never got round to clearing up the
boxes.... and they eventually added to the bass bin coffee tables...

> 27. You have bass bins for end tables.

actually they held up other stuff in the studio... along with coffee...

> 26. It is dangerous to walk around in your own living room at night.
> (See 28)

> 25. There's a giant yellow ball in the sky, and your not quite sure
> what it is, but when you go outside it burns out you retinas and
> makes your skin glow.

ouch, yeah... what is that thing?...

> 23. You never answer the phone. (Hmm...I wonder if it's to get
> people to listen to the answering message you spent so much time on
> in 29?)

nah its cos it gets in the way of the mix...

> 21. If you just like to sit in the dark and watch all the pretty
> lights blink and glow.

> 18. Somehow, you haven't been able to budget for clothes for 2+
> years, but you have found thousands of dollars to buy gear.

> 17. Your girlfriend/wife goes to bed, You go to your STUDIO.

nah, we both go play RPGs... i plug myself in like the Borg to

> 6. You get excited about talking electronic toys and try to subvert
> them into saying bad words or doing weird stuff so you can sample
> them.

i did this with a couple of furbies i found in a charity shop. they make
for good sampling just because of the noises they make.... i must say
they make better noises when hurled at brick walls though...

> 5. You dream of finding a $50.00 Moog 55 at a garage sale, and after
> you've thought of it, you stop at every one you see!
i know someone who found a rare early Apple for 25 somewhere in
south-west UK and snapped it up without the charity shop guy ever
knowing what he had on his shelf...

hmmf... the same guy also is using /my/ SGI Indigo for a tv stand, but i
did leave the country....

> 2. You have a rack-mounted microwave oven.
hmmm.... now that would be nice, i dont think i'd be leaving the studio
at all then... although the conjoined kitchen does suffice for a little
exercise lol...

> ...and the the #1 sign that you've been hanging around synths and
> samplers too long:
> -You understand every last term and joke used in this article!

uh-oh..... *worried look*

certify me now.

sylvi i think is on her way too :-0....


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