Unyazi Electronic Music Festival and Symposium 2005 .........Press release Fwd:

Subject: Unyazi Electronic Music Festival and Symposium 2005 .........Press release Fwd:
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Date: Sun Aug 14 2005 - 23:28:26 EDT

UNYAZI Festival of electronic music and sonic arts
Press Release No. 1
12 August 2005

For Immediate Release

The first festival of electronic music and sonic arts in Africa

The computer, the sampler, and the turntable. The new sound
technologies embraced by the post-rave generation have linked them
into a network of experimental and unconventional musicians going
back to the electroacoustic pioneers of the 1960s. Over the last
decade this explosion of creative collaboration between several
generations of electronic musicians and sonic artists has been
celebrated in a growing number of international events, such as the
Sonar Festival in Barcelona and the Phonotaktik in Vienna. Now
electronic music is coming to Johannesburg with the UNYAZI festival.

NewMusicSA, the South African Section of the International Society
for Contemporary Music, is proud to present UNYAZI - the first
festival of electronic music and sonic arts in Africa. Over four days
in September, top international musicians, teachers, and artists will
be featured together with African musicians who are working in this

Under the curatorship of South African composer Dimitri Voudouris,
the festival will run from 1 - 4 September in Johannesburg at venues
on the Wits University campus in Braamfontein, in association with
the Digital Arts and Music Divisions of the Wits School of Arts.

Funded principally by the National Arts Council of South Africa, the
festival will feature the extraordinary range and variety of
electronic musics from Africa and the rest of the world. UNYAZI will
consist of
  a symposium with presenters from Europe, the Americas and Africa,
  workshops and live performances throughout each day of the Festival
by some of the most well-known names in the sonic arts both
internationally and nationally, from tape music to kwaito and
everything in between.

Come and experience legendary names such as the Egyptian Halim
El-Dabh and American pioneer Pauline Oliveros in electrifying
performances and workshops.

Halim El-Dabh is regarded as Egypt¹s foremost living composer and has
been a pioneer in electronic music since his first tape experiments
in 1944. Like Bela Bartok his work draws on his field research into
traditional musics from North Africa and Ethiopia and he has explored
both electronics and folk instruments such as the Egyptian clay
drum, the ³darabukha². Pauline Oliveros is an American composer,
performer, author and philosopher who has profoundly influenced
contemporary American music through her works with improvisation,
electronic music, myth, ritual and mediation.

A wealth of other composers and performers will come from Argentina,
Austria, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, Egypt, Mexico, Norway, Spain,
Sweden,Zimbabwe and the USA - Rodrigo Sigal, Lukas Ligeti, Blake
Tyson, Yannis Kyriakides, Matthew Ostrowski, Maxime Rioux, George
Lewis, Luc Houtkamp+POW, Francisco Lopez, Sandra Ndebele, My Kingdom
For A Lullabuy, Schnee

Local electronic musicians will not be neglected. At Unyazi you can
also catch performances by artists and composers from all over South
Africa: Warrick Sony,Brendon Bussy,Louis Moholo,James Webb (Cape
Town), Theo Herbst and the KEMUS Ensemble (Stellenbosch), Sazi
Dlamini, Jürgen Bräuninger + Sazi Dlamini and Zim Ngqwana (Durban),
and Carlo Mombelli, João Orecchia, Skwatta Kamp, Pops Mohammed, Rheza
Khota, James Sey, Skid, Chris Wood and Dimitri Voudouris

Workshops will be conducted by Blake Tyson, Pauline Oliveros,
Francisco Lopez, Brendon Bussy, and Luc Houtkamp who with local
composers and performers will develop over the four days a local POW
ensemble that will perform live on the last day of the Festival.
A bonus will be the screenings of the films of Aryan Kaganof.
Kaganof, South Africa¹s most exciting filmmaker, has worked closely
with electronic musicians in many of his films.

A special Listening Room will host performances of works for premixed tape.

Full information at the our website: www.newmusicsa.org.za.
Or contact the Festival Director,
Dimitri Voudouris

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