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Subject: Re : Equipment, Remote Recording tips and more ...
From: Marc Battier (
Date: Sun Aug 14 2005 - 17:29:54 EDT

Well, which Nagra are you talking about? The Nagra Ares BB records on a
flash card, is lightweight (about 1 kilo) and has fabulous mike preamps. I
mean, these are wonderful preamps (48V phantom, XLR). And we knwo that
excellent preamps are pricey. And the thing is built like, I don't know
what, but it's sturdy. And silent. Same price range as the SoundDevices 722.
Much better than my R1, that's for sure, althought it doesn't fit in a
pocket like the R1 does. But I'd say, don't overlook the Nagra...


Le 14/08/05 20:40, « Rick » <> a écrit :

> I know everyone is trying to get smaller and lighter, but has anyone
> tried recording high-end stuff straight to the laptop using any of the
> nice field mic preamps out there? Batteries and all that are still a
> problem, but it's got to be easier than a Nagra.

> rn

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