EA Music Days 2005 - Rethymno - Greece Fwd: [announce]

Subject: EA Music Days 2005 - Rethymno - Greece Fwd: [announce]
From: Kevin Austin (kevin.austin@videotron.ca)
Date: Sun Aug 14 2005 - 12:09:02 EDT

Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005 16:54:47 +0100 (BST)
From: Nikolas Valsamakis <vals@stef.teicrete.gr>
Subject: [announce] EA Music Days 2005 - Rethymno - Greece

The <http://www.teicrete.gr/mta/meres05/index_en.htm>Electroacoustic
Music Days 2005  http://www.teicrete.gr/mta/meres05/index_en.htm is
the 4th annual gathering of the Hellenic Electroacoustic Music
Composers Association (<http://www.essim.gr/en/about.htm>HELMCA)

The event aims at presenting the modern trends in electroacoustic
music in Greece and bringing together Greek composers from Greece and
abroad. A series of concerts will present works for tape, live
electronics, mixed works for instruments and computer or tape, works
for video and tape, interactive works etc. In addition, there will be
a variety of activities such as seminars, presentations and
discussions. The content and the program of the events are to be
announced in this website:


The event is hosted by the Computer Music Lab of the Department of
Music Technology and Acoustics of TEI of Crete on 28, 29 and 30
October 2005 in Rethymno, Greece.

The organizing committee
Nikolas Valsamakis, Panayiotis Kokoras
Katerina Tzedaki, Maria Pitarokili

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