Re: Equipment, Remote Recording tips and more ...

Subject: Re: Equipment, Remote Recording tips and more ...
From: Dennis Bathory-Kitsz (
Date: Sun Aug 14 2005 - 09:33:58 EDT

At 08:03 AM 8/14/05 -0400, Betsey Biggs wrote:
>R1 does NOT
>have a proprietary format - you can record in 16- or 24-bit WAV or
>varying bitrates of mp3 from 320 to 64, and when you connect the R1 via
>USB it shows up as a drive, like a flash card, and you just drag the
>files over.

From what I understand, the format of the files on the R1 cards isn't
standard and requires transfer from the recorder. You cannot put the flash
cards in a standard reader and dump wav files.

That's a deal-breaker. I will be using various devices to transfer files
(computers, image tanks, etc., that won't have the R1 software) and,
without fretting about what's formatted and what isn't, also want to swap
cards to/from my Canon camera (whose card I can also dump outside the
camera, and whose files are standard formats). And most important, when I'm
on the road, I can't be depending on cables and hooking up the recorder
when I'm recording (as I will on October 16) an 8-hour marathon concert. I
just want to keep that small bag of flash cards of various sizes nearby and
grab them and dump them as needed.

The Marantz appears to support recording to standard files, and thought the
M-Audio data is skimpy, that also appears to be the case.


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