RE: Electricstorm / A Missing Sense playlists for 07/08/05

Subject: RE: Electricstorm / A Missing Sense playlists for 07/08/05
From: David Prescott (
Date: Wed Aug 10 2005 - 19:21:36 EDT

Thanks, everyone, for the Calon references. As a proud owner of the
complete CEC catalog, as well as Empreintes Digitales, I'm embarrassed
to have missed "En Vol", which is about four feet from where I asked my


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Subject: Re: Electricstorm / A Missing Sense playlists for 07/08/05

> David Prescott wrote:
>> I haven't seen these Calon pieces before, and couldn't find them at
>> the electrocd site. Could you give me the name of the CD they came
>> from? I enjoy Calon's music very much!
> Try There are two Calon pieces from CEC projects there in
> mp3
> format:
> Name=&Title=&RPP=10&CP=1&SubType=Submit
> The Electricities CD from the CMC was a re-issue cd of a number of
> short Canadian ea pieces or clips from longer pieces, but I dont think

> it is available anymore (but you could check with the CMC office in
> Toronto).
> Ian

The responses so far are both correct, though in this instance it was
from the Electricities release. The format for the playlists as sent
here is:

Performer/artist >> Christian Calon
Track title >> En Vol
Source title (CD, LP, etc) >> Electricities
Label/distributor/website >> Canadian Music Centre

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