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Subject: Re: "Classical Music"
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Tue Aug 09 2005 - 13:05:33 EDT

The term "classical music" has at least two definitions /
applications, for one finds "classical musics" in many cultures ...


South Asia,,
...) refering to 'art' music.

The term "classical period" in western music (from my understanding)
evolved in the later part of the nineteenth century (in english
terminology), at about the same time as the 'baroque' period began to
exist as a separate entity. The period of c 1600-1820 had the general
name of "thorough bass period", as the use of figured bass was a
dominant concept, although Riemann seems to have given the dates as
1600-1750. (It is to be remembered that late Haydn Symphonies (1790s
...) were led from the keyboard.)

(It may also be noted that 'psychology' became an independent study
outside of the discipline of philosophy at about the same time, late
19th C.)

At 11:39 -0500 2005/08/09, Larry Austin wrote:
>Dear "Mediadrome":
>My responses are interleaved below.
>Larry Austin
>On Aug 9, 2005, at 10:49 AM, wrote:
>>When did the term "classical music" become a generic term for
>>Western Art Music?
>According to the Grove Dictionary of Music, the term "classical
>music" was "definied" in 1611 in the "Dictionarie of the French and
>English Tongues".
>> When did Classical and Romantic start referring to specific
>>periods in Music (other than the Classical Greek Period)?
>In the early 19th century, as the discipline of musicology was being
>Larry Austin

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