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Date: Sat Aug 06 2005 - 14:00:27 EDT

Not to get in trouble again over the ferret incident, but...

1997 is this one, but I think i first read about it in '95.

It's pretty amaizing really, it seems that the main difference is that
the laminar structure of the auditory area and the visual are pretty
different on the micro-scale, but close enough on the macro scale that
they were able to just re-wire the pups when they were newborns. They
took the signals both ways and put the ears in the eyes and the eyes
in the ears so to speak. Reading about this in my bio-psych courses
was actually one of the inspirational moments for me going into
acousmatic music.


On 8/6/05, James Bailey <> wrote:
> Wow!
> I just finished listening to an amazing edition of CBC's Q & Q programme.
> It's a repeat of one originally broadcast in April that I somehow missed.
> It can be accessed here:
> The first item is what would have the most relevance to this list, as it
> concerns a woman who was blinded by a fire 25 years ago, but is now able
> to see, albeit in a quite rudimentary sense. By using a portable computer
> system that picks up images from a small camera mounted on a pair of
> sunglasses, her brain is able to create what she perceives as objects from
> stereo audio signals generated from the camera image.
> I defy anyone to *not* be astounded by this. I know the brain is capable
> of quite astonishing adaptations, but this has just raised the bar a
> little higher, in my opinion.
> James Bailey
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