Re: [completely off-topic] US says it will retain control of the DNS

Subject: Re: [completely off-topic] US says it will retain control of the DNS
From: Rick (
Date: Thu Aug 04 2005 - 13:49:55 EDT

Interesting twist of fate if the whole thing came to a permanent halt
because no one cold agree on how it should be run.

It would be even more strange if it continued as a result of people
agreeing how it should be run.

On 8/4/05, Jean Piché <> wrote:
> Origianlly posted on the [Sarai-Reader] list
> for a commentary:
> U.S. Principles on the Internet's Domain Name and Addressing System
> The United States Government intends to preserve the security and stability
> of the Internet's Domain Name and Addressing System (DNS). Given the
> Internet's importance to the world's economy, it is essential that the
> underlying DNS of the Internet remain stable and secure. As such, the
> United States is committed to taking no action that would have the potential
> to adversely impact the effective and efficient operation of the DNS and
> will therefore maintain its historic role in authorizing changes or
> modifications to the authoritative root zone file.
> Governments have legitimate interest in the management of their country code
> top level domains (ccTLD). The United States recognizes that governments
> have legitimate public policy and sovereignty concerns with respect to the
> management of their ccTLD. As such, the United States is committed to
> working with the international community to address these concerns, bearing
> in mind the fundamental need to ensure stability and security of the
> Internet's DNS.
> ICANN is the appropriate technical manager of the Internet DNS. The United
> States continues to support the ongoing work of ICANN as the technical
> manager of the DNS and related technical operations and recognizes the
> progress it has made to date. The United States will continue to provide
> oversight so that ICANN maintains its focus and meets its core technical
> mission.
> Dialogue related to Internet governance should continue in relevant multiple
> fora. Given the breadth of topics potentially encompassed under the rubric
> of Internet governance there is no one venue to appropriately address the
> subject in its entirety. While the United States recognizes that the
> current Internet system is working, we encourage an ongoing dialogue with
> all stakeholders around the world in the various fora as a way to facilitate
> discussion and to advance our shared interest in the ongoing robustness and
> dynamism of the Internet. In these fora, the United States will continue to
> support market-based approaches and private sector leadership in Internet
> development broadly.

Rick Nance
De Montfort University
Leicester, UK

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