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Date: Wed Aug 03 2005 - 11:35:43 EDT

This may be a specific reference about Oktophonie being "is the first
composition that exists in which there is vertical movement between
four groups of speakers at ceiling level and four at ground level"
... can anyone think of an earlier form of cubic sound projection.

There have been other vertical presentations (Xenakis at Expo 67),
and the central eight-speaker cube for Spectraphonia (1968 - 71), but
in this case, the audience sat around the cube, not inside, and it
was a presentation of the Berio Sinfonia, not an original
multi-channel composition.



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>Stockhausen to play concert in London
>Charlotte Higgins, arts correspondent
>Wednesday August 03 2005
>The Guardian
>The eccentric standard-bearer of the European avant-garde, the
>composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, is to make a rare appearance in
>England this autumn, his first since 2001.
>Stockhausen, the pioneer of electronic music, will perform solo in
>the 1,000-capacity old Billingsgate market in London. The venue will
>be plunged in darkness but for a shaft of "moonlight" illuminating
>the composer, who will be clad entirely in white as he twiddles the
>knobs at his mixing desk.
>The 82-year-old will present Kontakte, a 1960s work originally for
>piano, percussion and electronics, and Oktophonie, from his
>monumental, "cosmic" operatic cycle Licht, to which he devoted 25
>years of his life from 1977.
>Licht is divided into sections for the seven days of the week and
>contains 29 hours of music. Oktophonie comes from Dienstag (Tuesday)
>and, according to its composer, "is the first composition that
>exists in which there is vertical movement between four groups of
>speakers at ceiling level and four at ground level".
>The concert will be presented on October 22 as part of the Frieze
>art fair, sponsored by the Guardian. Stockhausen will also deliver a
>lecture on October 21.
>Stockhausen's work has not only had a profound effect on classical
>music, with associates including such figures as Gyorgy Ligeti,
>Mauricio Kagel and Peter Eotvos, but on musicians including Aphex
>Twin, Bjork, Miles Davis, Kraftwerk and many of today's DJs.
>He and the Beatles were mutual fans - he once referred to John
>Lennon as "the most important mediator between popular and serious
>music" of the 20th century. The composer is pictured on the cover of
>the Sergeant Pepper LP, between Carl Jung and Mae West.
>Matthew Slotover, the co-director of Frieze art fair, said: "If
>you're open to the experience, his work is not at all inaccessible.
>It's the same sort of people who are attracted to contemporary art
>as who will be attracted to a Stockhausen concert - but perhaps they
>don't know it yet."
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