Re: (More) Cool sounds from outer space!

Subject: Re: (More) Cool sounds from outer space!
From: Rob Stone (
Date: Wed Aug 03 2005 - 08:07:23 EDT

Bill you say you are not concerned with the other. Occasionally it is
unavoidable. The soundtrack to Eleanor Antin's film, the Ballerina and the
Bum, is full of accidents - overflying aircraft, wind banging the microphone
etc. She has since said (the film is from 1974) that had she been able, she
may have avoided those sounds. But in a film about the other and how others
meet and recognise themselves as such, this accidental and transfixing
allophony in fact turns out to be the most convincing aspect of the film's


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> Subject: Re: (More) Cool sounds from outer space!
> ditto :-) what a wonderful dis cussion about art & aesthetics. and
> polite too :-)
> Jean-Marc Pelletier wrote:
>> Thank you, Bill, for articulating my own feelings so clearly. (And
>> thanks to you too Michael for bringing up those points.)
>> bill thompson wrote:
>>>> Sorry to sound like I'm on a soap box. But think
>>>> carefully about what actually causes you to feel
>>>> things.
>>> not at all, i'm enjoying the conversation.
>>> maybe i have a very different idea of what is art
>>> because i'm not concerned with the 'other'...which to
>>> be honest, i'm not. i'm much more concerned with that
>>> feeling of the aesthetic which i can very much
>>> experience 'attending' the world (non-intended as art)
>>> as i can listening to something created by an
>>> individual as 'art' in a gallery or concert hall.

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