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Subject: Re: fir doubles
From: sylvi macCormac (
Date: Wed Aug 03 2005 - 01:44:24 EDT

dear Matt / Piche et al

cet appropo !!! with sincere apologies for doubling of message with xtra
edits. ah if th send but on were not th edit button and th reply to all
were always with a cauton (yes or no) button. i had only meant to send th
secone to inlude mistakes re Piche and Rogalsky leading to insights /
improv. i too am human and only meant to send one message. th latter.
mais oui, i make mis.stakes some of which has been my best compositions.
is it so bad / dab ? i would prefer not to leave myself without clothes
but since 'rehearsing' for th paralympic bikini team i am often found in
th deep end or sun bathing by waters edge ;-) i too do not like to share
my creative process or double entendres unless i am ready to be clear ( ?
)... and not entirely naked ... wearing motley garbled coats .. but
hears and cheers to being but a shadow puppet and estudiante in a vast
and global gamelan that goes round and round ...

pest, sylvi macCormac

sylvi macCormac wrote:

> dear Monsieur Piche
> mais non, c'est bon bon :-) c'est vrai trés trés beaux mistake.
> je suis do not recall cet call for phonurgia.
> sometimes mis takes are th most beautiful of all
> as in th paint or sonoré upon a page(s) ...
> are we not human ? after all on & off line :-) meant to be private but
> is it so dab ?
> Mr Rogalsky gave use insight into th creative process by dis mis take.
> is it so bad ?
> Je suis honoré to be on avec Dennis et tu Jean Piche et
> tous et al et al et al ...
> and to find myself on line with you et al th world on CEC-conference
> with or without emperors clothes :-O
> best regards, sylvi macCormac
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> Jean Piche wrote:
> > Another example of why Reply-to-sender goes to the list.. is a bad
> > idea...
> >
> > meant to be private... as you may have surmised.......
> >
> > apologies
> >
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