Cool Sounds ... Proposition

Subject: Cool Sounds ... Proposition
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Tue Aug 02 2005 - 23:23:18 EDT

I would like to propose that the nature of the differences in the
approach to the 'aesthetic experience' can be understood as being:

       absolute relative
       object-based perception-based
       finite infinite
   not time-reversible time-reversible

Possibly [not] "time-reversible" is the most unusual, but it could be
summed up in the question: "Would Bach have an aesthetic experience
of art in listening to the Rite of Spring?"

The "relative / perception-based / infinite / reversible" are based
upon context [relative], learning [perception], process [infinite].

This is a basis that religion cannot allow, being as it is based on
one-god [absolute], figure(head) & (fixed) rules [object-based],
finite [begins and will end], and progression (god > prophets >
salvation / enlightenment) [not time reversible].

For a religious person, this aesthetic position is a result of the
belief system; for the person who doesn't embrace 'a religion', this
mode of living is a determinant (not a consequence) of their life.

The detail is in the detail.




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