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Subject: Re: (More) Cool sounds from outer space!
From: sylvi macCormac (
Date: Tue Aug 02 2005 - 04:23:14 EDT

hey hey Nowak / T.C. / CEC / BBC / ABC / CBC / ZNN et al

Immature or Premature or Infantile silly insults are still Dab in any
language ... Proper Thermonology ? Inflammatory Fluff Wars ? th Poetry
of DNA ? th 'sonification of your aurora's emissions' are telling. Next
thing we know th Synaesthetic among us will be speaking up, or th
DisAbled will be challenging us to down hill wheel chair races on Hans
Island ;-) Now, who is being 'silly' ? and i thought we were being
Civilians of Earth speaking 'simply' aboot what is beautiful and what is
not (art or otherwise) in an international conference ? just hope NASA
(who sent them up into space in th first place in tin cans that are
'obviously' falling apart) can bring our Astronauts (or foot soldiers)
back home safely ! ! ! So much for pretty pictures auditory or
otherwise. Thank You to th Astronauts (and others) among us willing to
go and risk their lives up in Space or in th Sound Field to bring us
back 'sound pictures' (for lack of a better germ) from Space or Earths
Soundscape. Who knows, it could all be filmed and processed in th
studio / laboratories like th first moon walk, eh ? Here's to good ol'
Grammar ;-) thank goodness for 'real' multi-lingual speakers and Bag
Pipe Players ...Do Jay (cantonese).... Com Sum Ni Da (korean)....
Arigato ... Gracias ... HuyChKa (squamish)... Na Gode (hausa/nigerian)
... Go Rabh Maith Agat (gaelic) ... ...Thank You Thank You ... You are
Beautiful Beautiful... Cool in any language is still Cool Man ... :-) wrote : > to go beyond requires something
infantile, like saying, beautiful beautiful ... premature ejaculation
comes to mind ...what I got seemed to be insults and the emperors new
clothes.> T and John Nowak wrote : > Here is what DNA sounds like!
Amazing!" No no no... please stop... just as DNA doesn't "sound"
like anything, neither does this aurora....I was only arguing for
proper terminology... At least no one has described it as synesthetic
yet.- John

You did say 'stop' and then you get 'virguled' at Shane for verbalizing
'stop' ? Sounds fishy like iPODs being th children of PODX ;-) th
following 'sounds' pretty articulate to me -

David Prescott wrote: > I noticed that the magnetosphere recordings
shared some qualities with Parmegiani's "Le Creation du Monde." Very
cool indeed! Perhaps Parmegiani was onto something... :-) Thanks for
posting these! > - David Prescott, Reedsburg, Wisconsin and J Phelps
wrote : > Great! Reminds me of Louis' and Bebe's "Forbidden Planet"
sound track. Thanks! -Jim Phelps

i wonder what Nigerian Soundscapes could tell us ? and what Truax and
Pamela Z and PODs have in common ? btw, R Murray Schafer 'invented' th
word 'SOUNDSCAPE' (notice how it relates to space and landscape) that we
throw around, misuse and abuse ... ie how has th village soundscape
changed (been affected by noise) in Mont Royal / Iraq / London /
Vancouver since 1970's ? Are th birds still 'singing' / making whoopy /
and / or / music / communicating ? i hope birds and children are. That
would be COOL :-) ps i love th sounds of th kids in playing in th Square
and th Rain falling in th Village Soundscapes in Italy :-)

best regards, macCormac aka
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ / na / da / bc
siwash rock and soundscape compostion
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /

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John Nowak wrote:

> Just for the record, I never stated the sound wasn't "nice". I never
> stated it couldn't be considered a valid piece of music. I never said
> anything other than I feel it is wrong to talk about the "sound" of
> an aurora, when it doesn't have one. I would much prefer to talk
> about the "sonification of the aurora's emissions", which I think is
> a perfectly valid and interesting topic. I was simply arguing for
> clearer language, and there was no philosophical component to my
> comment.
> I really do not appreciate some of the aggressive replies I've
> received here. I feel they are very childish, defensive, and entirely
> out of place. Furthermore, such inflammatory phrases like "this
> discussion is over" by our friend Shane Turner here have no place in
> any civilized discussion whatsoever.
> - John

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