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Subject: Re: (More) Cool sounds from outer space!
From: bill thompson (
Date: Mon Aug 01 2005 - 13:07:07 EDT

>>So you have managed to get a rise out us,

did i? how?


--- "Innes A. Park" <>

> >what i'm listening to isn't worth it, valid,
> >interesting, or is bullshit/emperor's new clothes
> etc.
> >on the subject of emperors new clothes, i don't
> really
> >worry about that anymore, does anyone else?
> Ah, Bill the synchronicity of sound.. McAlpine
> trucks were outside my house this morning making a
> racket and blocking the pavement aswell as the road,
> so you transmitted the 'cooler' end of the McAlpine
> 'infrastructure services' sonic spectrum. Last night
> I was constructing a track invloving the audio
> ecology of roadworks in Seoul but I think i'll leave
> it or render it unrecognisable after this morning's
> symphony.
> If you are refering to the link Percy Grainger made
> between music contraptions and nudism as bullshit
> then there may be something in that.
> You know more than the dean of music at NYU (as he
> was) who had composed in four continents at that
> time and there is no two ways about it.
> Congratulations on getting the Aberdeen soundwalk
> onto the radio in Graiger's hometown, Melbourne
> 3RRR.. I have not heard it myself but if souns half
> as corny as R.Murray Schaffer's recordings of
> bagpipes in the Scottish village of Dollar as a
> soundscape or you seek to emulate that then my ears
> are no longer required.
> There was a construction firm in Glasgow run by a
> gangster called Arthur Thompson who is reputed to
> have buried more than fifty people in the concrete
> foundations of bridges crossing the Clyde. Why dont
> you get some sound recordings there? Screaming
> bridges and singing buildings?
> So you have managed to get a rise out us, buy a
> bicycle, its better than a car for exploring
> soundscapes and sets a better example for the
> sedentary students.
> Professor Park
> Have your own email and web address for life.
> - Homemaster. Come
> Together. Online.

"The more you think about things the weirder they seem." -Calvin

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