Re: (More) Cool sounds from outer space!

Subject: Re: (More) Cool sounds from outer space!
From: bill thompson (
Date: Mon Aug 01 2005 - 05:02:00 EDT

> I initially asked the originators of this thread to
> explain why they thought the recordings 'cool', and
> the
> answers that came back were because they were
> 'beautiful'. I thought I was asking a simple
> question,
> but what I got seemed to be insults and the emperors
> new clothes.

sorry, i definitely didn't mean to insult you. to me,
it was obvious that some of these recordings were
beautiful, and 'cool' (i.e. exciting, interesting,
perplexing, confronting)...and i think beauty is like
that, obvious to the one experiencing it. trying to
give someone else that experience is usually where it
all goes awry.

when i don't 'get' what someone else seems to, for me,
it usually amounts to my having to listen closer, or
more attentively and not to shut off because i *think*
that what i'm listening to isn't worth it, valid,
interesting, or is bullshit/emperor's new clothes etc.
 (i might be implying that that's what happened when
you first read/listened to these samples, but not
accusing you of might just not like them,
which of course is FINE! we certainly don't all have
to like the same thing, christ, what kind of world
would that be!) my flippant comment didn't mean to
insult you honestly, i just thought you might be
'thinking' too hard instead of just listening and
enjoying (the audio) and not worrying if it really was
sounds from space...

on the subject of emperors new clothes, i don't really
worry about that anymore, does anyone else? if i like
something, i like it, whether it's bullshit or not
(lol!) i know what i like, i know what i can use, i
trust myself. if lots of people like something i
don't like, i might give it some time, let it roll
around my head for six months or so and see if i can
get a sense of what they're appreciating (to be
honest, i've been doing that with lots of
acousmatic/electroacoustic music this passed year)
until i can see if there's anything in there i'm
missing or not appreciating for lack of exposure etc.
but otherwise, i've accepted that we all get to be
into different things.

and as to why i thought these recordings were
beautiful/cool wasn't that they were 'from
saturn' though the scifi-kid in me loves the idea of
that and it does inspire the imagination a bit...but i
particularly enjoyed the raw quality of the audio, the
random/natural flow of the occurrences (something
didn't sound 'composed' or contrived in the rhythms of
the sounds), and the analogue roughness to the sounded pre-softsynth, non-grm-ish, raw.

and i tend to like sounds like that. :)

your (and other's) points about the silliness of
'sounds from space' i think are valid and have led to
some interesting discussion, and i think that's good.

but back to you :)...i wonder, did you not like the
actually audio in the samples at all? or was it the
fact that you disagreed as to how these sample were
being presented that interrupted your experiencing of
them as sound? maybe you just didn't like it, and
prefer 'cleaner' more composed sounds?

why don't you think they're beautiful?


ps...duchamp is one of my favorite artists btw. his
readymades are an inspiration and very current i

"The more you think about things the weirder they seem." -Calvin

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