Turns One Year Old

Subject: Turns One Year Old
From: John Nowak (
Date: Mon Aug 01 2005 - 00:36:25 EDT

Today, on August 1st, ( celebrates the
end of its first year of operation, and the start of the next. A year
ago, launched with a handful of artists. Today, it
features the works of over seventy artists and collaborative
projects, nearly all of which are available under a Creative Commons
license (

Its growth and success are due entirely to the community, who have
taken advantage of how easy it is to add their own page and share
their work with one of the largest online audiences for
unconventional electronic art.'s allowing of anyone to
edit the site and add their own pages, as well as its offering of
free hosting for aural, visual, and software art, has enabled this to
happen. The philosophy is that the best way to create a
site of this type is to give the community as much control as
possible, and artists from all around the world have stepped up and
proven that our philosophy is correct.

In the coming year, I personally hope that the site will continue to
grow at the rapid rate it has been. is a unique hub in the
sense that is it only as good as the community makes it. Therefore, I
urge all of you out there who are are trying to do something "new" to
come share your artwork with us, and to encourage others to do the
same. I know that I speak for the entire community when I
say that we're looking forward to the next year of new additions, new
directions for the site, and new community members.

- John Nowak,

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