Re: (More) Cool sounds from outer space!

Subject: Re: (More) Cool sounds from outer space!
From: Shane Turner (
Date: Sun Jul 31 2005 - 23:06:54 EDT

What I'll never understand is why naysayers can't just be civil when they
disagree, but have to resort to argumentum ad hominem all the time..
indirectly accusing what they don't like by calling it "lies", dupes, fraud,
cheat, and so forth.. some of the terms I have heard recently from different
people, different places, different websites, but similar topics.

Let people do what they like doing, let people enjoy listening to what they
enjoy listening to and leave them alone. Seems reasonable to me. I'm just
an Idealist I guess.

--shane turner

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> why is it all th nay sayers seem to be more interested in creating fluff
> wars calling people 'silly' and 'uncool' where as people who like
> something are able to say something 'is beautiful' even if it is
> generated / composed ... in labs by scientists .. even tho they know it
> and are not fools .. beauty is in th eyese of th DNA .. cool MAN ... ;-)
> ... do you think we are so stupid eh ? or maybe our Aurora is showing
> ...DNA of SOUND ... blah blah blah ... till it's proven beyond a
> reason-able doubting ...
> btw re Mt Royal and scientists building new and improved Condos that was
> 'paved over' not 'payed over'tho is there a difference ?
> Georgie Brack wrote:
>> > Well said Shane. I was just thinking of a similar
>> > thing myself. In the pages of every Astronomy
>> > magazine, as well as a plethora of
>> > web-sites, there are stunning pictures
>> > of nebulas and other space images.
>> This is plain silly. You are trying to compare a bowl
>> of grapes with a violin. With an image you can see it,
>> understand it and move on in a fraction of a second.
>> If you really want you can spend time sitting and
>> gazing at an image, you can do this, but only a few
>> images in the history of people are actually worth the
>> investment of the time. Your nebula pictures are
>> gimmicks, quick and easy, and they may be beautiful,
>> but that is beside the point. To understand, or at
>> least appreciate, the Saturn recordings, you need to
>> spend the time first, and then sort out the importance
>> of the different elements you hear.
>> Confusing time-based events and a single frozen in
>> time event is a bit of a problem you might want to get
>> checked out. Good luck.
>> - Georgie
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