Re: (More) Cool sounds from outer space!

Subject: Re: (More) Cool sounds from outer space!
From: Shane Turner (
Date: Sun Jul 31 2005 - 22:55:15 EDT

If I was viewing an animation of the nebula or some other phenomenon..
(note: using multiple time lapse photographs taken over a series of days..)
would that count in your book then?

--shane turner
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Subject: Re: (More) Cool sounds from outer space!

>> Well said Shane. I was just thinking of a similar
>> thing myself. In the pages of every Astronomy
>> magazine, as well as a plethora of
>> web-sites, there are stunning pictures
>> of nebulas and other space images.
> This is plain silly. You are trying to compare a bowl
> of grapes with a violin. With an image you can see it,
> understand it and move on in a fraction of a second.
> If you really want you can spend time sitting and
> gazing at an image, you can do this, but only a few
> images in the history of people are actually worth the
> investment of the time. Your nebula pictures are
> gimmicks, quick and easy, and they may be beautiful,
> but that is beside the point. To understand, or at
> least appreciate, the Saturn recordings, you need to
> spend the time first, and then sort out the importance
> of the different elements you hear.
> Confusing time-based events and a single frozen in
> time event is a bit of a problem you might want to get
> checked out. Good luck.
> - Georgie
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