Re: (More) Cool sounds from outer space! - Well put

Subject: Re: (More) Cool sounds from outer space! - Well put
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Sun Jul 31 2005 - 22:46:31 EDT

 From the URL ...

>Why doesn't the world go dark when we blink? Because a critical part
>of the brain switches off and fails to detect the blackness behind
>closed eyes, says a team of neuroscientists.

Ah ... this explains more about Ernst Zundel.



At 22:33 -0700 2005/07/31, Eliot Handelman wrote:
>Kevin Austin wrote:
>>There are many who believe in 'moving pictures', and go to a cinema
>>to spend half of their time sitting in the dark.
>They may not be in the dark, because of something like brain
>cancellation similar to not being aware of the world blacking out
>when we blink:
>-- e

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