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Subject: Re: (More) Cool sounds from outer space! & A.K.
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Sun Jul 31 2005 - 16:03:03 EDT

At 11:19 -0700 2005/07/31, wrote:
>If you find these illustrations beautiful, then that is totally up
>to you, but to me this is an abuse of the language. How would you
>describe something even more beautiful? You are at the end of the
>line in one sentence and to go beyond requires something infantile,
>like saying, beautiful beautiful.

It is not clear to me what the problem is with the use of repetition
in language (that renders it infantile) to say that the distance
between our views is very very very very great.



and for those who c/dare ...

I would propose that the author read a little (more) of Korzybski on
the concept of time binding, and interpretations of its impact.

I accept man as a man, use functional representation whenever needed,
expand the two-term relation cause-effect into a series, introduce
organism as-a-whole form of representation in the language of
time-binding, orders of abstractions, accept postulational methods as
the foundation for a theory of definitions and therefore of meaning .
which bridges the conscious with the unconscious, introduce modern
"logical existence," relations, differential and four dimensional
methods, use the extensional methods, etc., etc., and so build up my

One extremely important and disregarded problem arises in connection
with introversion and extroversion, which is of crucial significance
in preventive mental hygiene. Plato was an introvert, Aristotle an
extrovert, and so their systems are permeated by these tendencies.
Until the einsteinian revolution we did not know, neither did we
suspect, or could know, that the normal man (1926) ought to be an
introverted-extrovert, or if we prefer, an extroverted-introvert. The
disregard of this problem leads to a peculiar and very common mild
form of some kind of splitting of personality, further aggravated by
a lack of consciousness of it. We see instances of double personality
practically everywhere, but clearest of all in some writers. One
instance is the scientist who, on the one hand, may be an epoch
making individual in his special line, while on the other hand, when
he deals with human problems, let us say, he is no longer the
scientist, but in fact seems to have forgotten about science, and his
split personality then makes its appearance.

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