Re: (More) Cool sounds from outer space!

Subject: Re: (More) Cool sounds from outer space!
From: David Campbell (
Date: Sun Jul 31 2005 - 15:16:53 EDT

> This is plain silly. You are trying to compare a bowl
> of grapes with a violin. With an image you can see it,
> understand it and move on in a fraction of a second.
> If you really want you can spend time sitting and
> gazing at an image, you can do this, but only a few
> images in the history of people are actually worth the
> investment of the time. Your nebula pictures are
> gimmicks, quick and easy, and they may be beautiful,
> but that is beside the point. To understand, or at
> least appreciate, the Saturn recordings, you need to
> spend the time first, and then sort out the importance
> of the different elements you hear.
> Confusing time-based events and a single frozen in
> time event is a bit of a problem you might want to get
> checked out. Good luck.
> - Georgie

Hmmm. Maybe there is more in common between a bowl of grapes and a violin
(or did I actually mean viola?). Certainly no less so than a glass of water
and a series of blips and screeches.

In gathering those static image of a nebulas, it actually takes quite a bit
of time to record. In the case of a very beautiful, very cool, picture of
our galaxy, it took several months of photography, and several weeks of
compositing to create. Although the image is static (but to see the whole
thing takes a bit of time as it is large and not easily taken in in one
glance) the recording of it wasn't.

To compile the saturn recordings (and other space sounds) was something
similar as well. It took a while to record and quite often, the recordings
are time-compressed into a much smaller time frame (like that bowl of grapes
galaxy shot). There are some clips that probably take less time to listen to
than it would take to "statically" scan that galaxy shot. The fact that some
people find both beautiful and others don't is, I think, precisely the

Its good to know that there are so few images in the history of people are
worth spending any time with. I didn't realize this. Maybe in the time I
save dismissing them, I can get some therapy for my time event problem.
Thanks for the concern.

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