New Book: THE SENSE OF HEARING -- Christopher J. Plack

Subject: New Book: THE SENSE OF HEARING -- Christopher J. Plack
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Date: Sun Jul 31 2005 - 01:14:51 EDT

>Christopher J. Plack
>University of Essex, England
>The Sense of Hearing is a truly accessible introduction to auditory
>perception that is intended for students approaching the subject for
>the first time, and as a foundation for more advanced study. In
>clear and authoritative prose, the fundamental aspects of hearing
>are addressed.
>The reader is introduced to the nature of sound and the spectrum,
>and the anatomy and physiology of the auditory system. Basic
>auditory processes including frequency selectivity, loudness and
>pitch perception, temporal resolution, and sound localization are
>The reader is led to an understanding of the remarkable abilities of
>the auditory system in a systematic and coherent way. In the final
>chapters, it is shown how complex processes, such as perceptual
>organization and speech perception, are dependent on the initial
>analysis that occurs when sounds enter the ear.
>The text benefits from 139 original illustrations, including
>uncluttered diagrams that illuminate auditory mechanisms. An
>extensive glossary provides definitions of technical terms. The
>emphasis is on explanation and clarity of style throughout, and the
>book will be an essential resource for students and educators
>involved in this sometimes
>challenging field.
>Contents: Preface. Introduction. The Nature of Sound. Production,
>Propagation, and Processing. A Journey Through the Auditory System.
>Frequency Selectivity. Loudness and Intensity Coding. Pitch and
>Periodicity Coding. Hearing Over Time. Spatial Hearing. The Auditory
>Scene. Speech. Concluding Remarks.
>0-8058-4883-5 [cloth] / 2005 / 280pp. / $79.95
>0-8058-4884-3 [paper] / 2005 / 280pp. / $32.50
>Prices are subject to change without notice.
>Chris Plack - Ear Boffin
>Department of Psychology, University of Essex
>Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, CO4 3SQ, England
>Tel: 44-1206-873493
>Fax: 44-1206-873590

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