Re: (More) Cool sounds from outer space!

Subject: Re: (More) Cool sounds from outer space!
From: John Nowak (
Date: Sat Jul 30 2005 - 21:46:11 EDT

On Jul 30, 2005, at 8:03 PM, wrote:

> Yes right. 'Hear' is the important word. No one is
> hearing anything of whatever the original data might
> have been before it got converted, so stop it with the
> 'its from Saturn' crap. Its from a lab on earth, and
> its a sham, and a bad one at that, and the 'cool' and
> 'beautiful' people who apparently have only three
> adjectives in their vocabulary (between them) are
> duping others into thinking this space junk is actually
> worth a listen. Its data. Garbled, distorted, data. If
> you think its worth something, then try contemplating a
> glass of water until the bio-matter inside makes it
> undrinkable.

While I think some relaxing chai may be in order for you, I do in
essence agree with your general evaluation. What you're hearing isn't
sound produced by some fantastical space body. It is some radiation
that has been modified in very drastic ways (relatively speaking) in
order to make a "something" audible. Scientists routinely put out
such nonsense: "Here is what DNA sounds like! Amazing!" No no no...
please stop...

- John

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