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Subject: Re: Call for works POWER
From: Matt Rogalsky (
Date: Sat Jul 30 2005 - 11:58:28 EDT

Hi Nadene!

I like this theme!

As it happens I have lately been working in various ways with POWER
CHORDS sampled from classic rawk of the '60s, '70s and '80s. I've been
using them as textural material, by granulating them so a short guitar
blast can be stretched out to an infinitely sustained roar.

You can hear a few examples on my site --
go to option C
It's an interactive 8-track tape player, with four endlessly sustained
power chords from iconic heavy metal acts of the 70s -- Kiss, Van
Halen, Black Sabbath and Ted Nugent. You can push the 8-track program
button to switch from one to the next. The loading of the player takes
a bit of time but once the file is fully loaded the switch works
nicely! You need Flash player.

I've been planning a multichannel installation piece where each speaker
has a sustained power chord modulated by the voice(s) of the
guitarist/band who played it (sampled from interviews). This would be a
kind of vocoder, or "talk box" effect -- using the voice as a filter
for the rich harmonic content of the sustained power chord.

I envision (at least) eight "found" speakers of varying home stereo
types -- cheapies from Sears etc -- the kind a 1970s teenager might
have had in his/her bedroom. Each speaker has a modulated power chord
of its own, and you can imagine the density of sound when there are
eight DIFFERENT chords playing simultaneously!! I have made a rough
test version of this at home and it's quite amazing sounding.

I have also considered a version of the piece using actual 1970s
cheapie 8-track stereos -- all the audio for the installation recorded
onto 8-track cartridges, actually being played. This would be a much
more difficult (and possibly expensive) version to realize. I would
have to find a lot of antique stereo systems in good condition and buy

Anyway these are ideas I think might work within your POWER call --
your comments welcome!

take care

ps nice to see you in Kingston by the way!!! Sorry it was such a brief
visit, and Arden in such a peculiar mood. Come and stay longer
sometime... as I said we have a couple of rooms to put people up,

On 30 Jul 2005, at 11:44, Nadene wrote:

> Hi there
> Please feel free to pass this around to any other lists that you are
> on, or to anyone you think might be interested in submitting a piece or
> pieces.
> This is an international call.
> We really are looking forward to your submissions as always.
> Thanks
> Nadene
> ***
> Deep Wireless - Radio Without Boundaries
> Call For Works on the theme - POWER
> What does power mean to you?
> Stretch the meaning to fit your idea of power and create a piece for
> radio that reflects it.
> New Adventures in Sound Art invites submissions of any duration less
> than 60 minutes in length that reflects the theme Power, makes use of
> original sound sources in interesting and innovative ways and are
> suitable for radio broadcast. Note there will be a special category
> called "Radio Art Interventions" on the same theme for pieces less
> than 3 minutes in length.
> Pieces will be selected for broadcast within Canada and on several
> international radio stations in May 2006 as part of the Deep Wireless
> festival. Deep Wireless celebrates radio as a creative and artistic
> medium for cultural expression.
> The International submissions will be considered for inclusion in the
> following:
> -The Deep Wireless 3 radio art compilation CD
> -The radio art interventions (these pieces under 3 minutes in length
> played guerilla-style on radio stations during the Deep Wireless
> festival)
> -The Radio Art Listening Room - an installation that will run
> for the month of May
> -Presentation during the last weekend in May (a weekend that will
> also include the Radio Theatre performances and the Radio Without
> Boundaries conference).
> A small number of Canadian artists will be chosen from the
> submissions to be part of the Deep Wireless Commissioning Programme
> in 2006 with residencies at Charles Street Video in Toronto.
> Submission Details
> - Radio works/programs must be completed and not written proposals.
> - The call for works is open to artists from around the world.
> - Submissions must be postmarked no later than September 30, 2005 and
> mailed to:
> New Adventures in Sound Art, 401 Richmond Street West #358, Toronto,
> ON M5V 3A8
> - Submissions can be on the following formats: CD, cassette, DAT,
> Audiofile on CD (wav or AIFF, 44.1, or MP3), minidisk, and open
> reel type
> (1/4", 7 1/2 or 15 ips).
> - Submissions must include the entry form found on the links below:
> --
> --------------------------
> Nadene Thériault-Copeland
> Managing Director
> New Adventures in Sound Art
> For more information about New Adventures in Sound Art go to:

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