Up coming show July 28th @ SAT Montreal

Subject: Up coming show July 28th @ SAT Montreal
Date: Wed Jul 27 2005 - 16:58:38 EDT

For those of you in and around Montreal, I willl be presenting a new work
derived from multiple streams and sources of CBC radio / Radio-Canada. (full
info in French and English follows)

The performance will follw directly after the Upgrade! Montreal's monthly arts
gathering, this month composed of participants from the In and Out of the Sound
Studio Conference.

For further info read on or follow link:



THURSDAY, 28th July 2005

7pm - Free

The Upgrade! Montreal :: The In & Out of the Sound Studio conference

The News of the Day/À la une (english follows)

10pm - Free

À la une : À travers l’intermodulation de plusieurs diffusions publiques et de
la lecture audio en transit, "À la une" transporte l’interlocuteur vers la
compréhension, à plusieurs niveaux distincts, de l’actualité. En focalisant les
perceptions déformées et les expériences souvenues de diverses formes de
diffusion publique, "À la une" est une étude de l’illusion des sources
d’information en "temps réel" et de la propagande des médias.

The News of the Day: Through the intermodulation of numerous public broadcasts
and live radio streams, "The News of the Day" carries the listener through
varying degrees of understanding regarding "current events". Keying on
perceptions and remembered experiences from various forms of public broadcast,
"The News of the Day" is an examination of the fallacy of "real-time
sources", and the propaganda of the mass media.

Andrew McCallum

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