Roger de la Frayssenet/Lionel Marchetti

Subject: Roger de la Frayssenet/Lionel Marchetti
From: David Prescott (
Date: Sat Jul 23 2005 - 19:55:06 EDT

Good evening:

I recently purchased the Roger de la Frayssenet CD "Kitnabudja Town". I
went to look up this artist, and came to find that (via
that this is actually a pseudonym for Lionel Marchetti. Back when I was
active in the music world, it was not unusual for artists to use a
different name to separate their persons from their projects. However,
this seems a little curious. "Roger de la Frayssenet" even has his own
peculiar website.

I wonder if anybody knows what Marchetti's intentions are with this?
Maybe he's just having fun? It seems interesting, but I just don't have
a clue!

Warm regards,


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